Why I Started Using A Blender To Make JUICE Instead Of A Juicer

I have been enjoying juice almost once daily for the past 5 years. Sometimes, I purchase a juice at a local juicery, but most of the time I would make juice at home using an Omega Juicer. More recently I switched to the Breville Cold Press Juice Fountain because my Omega was getting old, and I was also looking for an option with an easier clean-up and part configuration. Within  the last month I have started using my blender to make juice, and I’m never going back. In fact, I got rid of my juicer. Here’s why!

  1. Easy prep: The prep work involved is pretty much the same. Whatever you’re juicing (or blending, I guess) you need to clean and cut. It take minimal effort to clean and cut items and stick them in your blender.
  2. More juice: I have found that using a blender and nut milk bag provides me with about 8-10 more ounces of juice. The blender gets the food items much more fine than a juicer would. Pouring them into the nut milk bag and squeezing with minimal effort creates a very packed and dry pulp, much more packed and dry than I have ever seen my juicer do!
  3. No heat: This isn’t an issue with all juicers, especially the more expensive ones such as a Greenstar. But when juicing with an Omega or Breville, it is known that they may heat up the food items, which causes damage to the enzymes and decrease the overall nutrient content of the juice. Juicing with the blender eliminates this problem! All it takes is a few pulses of the blender and no heat is involved!
  4. Can be done with any fruit, vegetable, or nut: What an easy concept! Put anything you want to juice into your blender (with about 1/4 cup of water to get the blades moving), pulse a few times, strain, squeeze with minimal effort and time, AND get MORE juice. I love it!
  5. Easy clean up: My morning routine includes juice, smoothie, and entertaining my son. Using one appliance that just requires a rinse makes life so easy.

I am so thankful for my healing journey. Just when I think I’ve got a process down, I learn something new. I enjoy the research and ideas that constantly challenge my growth. Check out my video on JUICING with a blender instead of a juicer!